Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The DBM with homemade transformers

Making a DBM using trifilar wound coils.
I gathered all the parts. I'm using a microscope slide as my base. I covered the top of the slide with copper foil. I'll be using 10 meg ohm resistors as my stand offs. The two cores are wound with 11 turns of 3 twisted wires. A piece of solder, 4 diodes and some rivets complete the list.
I soldered a rivet to ground and one on a standoff at each end for the Rf and LO connections. Four rivets on standoffs for the diodes. Then put the  diodes in a diamond, head to tail.

I put 2 tie points for the output AF and install the transformers.
The DBM and the hearing aid amp are ready to test.
Here is a closer view of the DBM.

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