Friday, December 8, 2017

Made a tool for scribing the CB pattern

I mentioned how to make a tool when I made the last board.The groove will be wider with a hacksaw blade tool. When soldering the board I decided the wider groove is desirable so I made one today.
This is the board I made yesterday. It is ok but the lines are thin.
I simply took half a used hacksaw blade and ground the teeth off, rounded the end and put a small notch on the end. I just took a pencil and made the layout. there is no need for measuring because the dgmosfet will set on the cross. I pulled the tool on the lines and made the grooves. Then took my ohmmeter and checked for the lands being isolated.
This is the board I made tonight with the tool. Holding the tool like a pencil with the board standing on edge at about a 45 degree angle I lightly follow the lines and then go over them again. After a few strokes the copper is gone and the groove is formed.
Booth boards and another look at the tool. It take a light stroke to layout the groove in the copper. Then a few more light strokes clears the copper away. Once I hit the board I hear and feel it. a couple more strokes to clean the bottom of the groove.
So I now have a board with 2 dgmosfets and a board with 4 dgmosfets. When the design is decided on maybe we can put them to good use.

Maybe an RF amp and a mixer with a LO buffer and an IF on the one board. We'll need an AF amp and LO. The crystal filter for the IF and a bandpass filter for the input to the RF amp?

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