Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mounting some dual gate Mosfets

Moving on to the amplifiers. The good news and the bad. They are available at reasonable prices but they are surface mount. The old components were more user friendly but are harder to find. The JFET for example is available for about a dollar each, I recently bought a reel of surface mount JFETs (3000) for $15. The auto industry uses a lot of components that are suited to hobby work, they are low voltage and low power. So the chief designer addresses the issue of small surface mount components. Here is his solution.
He obtained these chad from a circuit board shop. You can uses a hole punch and make your own.
Stick the chad to a board using double sided tape and saw the cross pattern with a small hacksaw.
Sand the protective coat off the copper.
Tin the copper.
A drop of super glue will hold the chip in place while you solder it. Now the question is shall the chad be glued on a board or shall leads be attached and the chad embedded in a drop of epoxy?

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