Monday, October 23, 2017

The pieces are coming together.

All the parts have been sorted through except the RF amp. We will use Andy's oscillator. The DBM made with Binocular cores and some good diodes. The AF amp from my last post.
The only thing left to work out is the RF amp. Andy's oscillator is low level and made for stability so may require a buffer amp. We could use an RF amp to feed the mixer too. So the plan is to build an RF amp and use it in both places in the radio.

The question now is how to build a broad band RF amp?
How much band should one cover at one time? I would like an all band receive. that means 3-30Mhz. If I try for to broad a band it will be impossible to tune in a SSB station. A partial answer would be to have a band set and band spread. If I created a 100Khz band spread my band set would need to be able to adjust in 100Khz steps. I'm thinking an inductor for the band spread like this.
Tuning with a straw

Well the RF amp?

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